Tube Submitting Rules & News

Read through this page carefully

These rules and guidelines must always be followed. Cutting corners and being careless is not accepted. This job is based on mutual trust. Just like you expect to get payed for your work, I expect you to consistently make high quality submissions and not start slacking off (something I've seen some times).

General Rules

⭐ NO cumshot can be shown in any clips.
⭐ 2 clips only per scene, but with an interval of minimum 5 days.
⭐ Rotate sponsors! Never submit more than 2 clips from the same sponsor after each other. The more you mix it, the better. Contact me if you run out of scenes and I'll give you extra sponsors to work with.

New releases should ALWAYS be prioritized. Start a working session by checking for new releases and prioritize those. Only use older scenes when there are no new releases and then don't use scenes that are older than 2 months.

⭐Scenes from the Adulttime network MUST NOT be less than 60 days old before they are submitted to Xvideos.
⭐Scenes from the TeamSkeet network MUST NOT be less than 30 days old before they are submitted to Xvideos.
⭐Use an excel sheet or something else to keep track of qued clips that havn't yet been submitted to Xvideos.

Sony Vegas - editing and settings

In general, there are two different types of scenes. The porn scene which usually starts with a girl performing some kind of strip/teasing show before it goes straight to the action. The second type is the storybased scene which tells a before the action begins. Depending on which type, editing should be adapted accordingly.


Thumbs can be made either from the video itself or from a picture. Usually it's easiest to make a thumb from a picture, but sometimes there are no pictures, or they are not very good. When this is the case a thumb can be made from the video. The best software for making thumbs is Photoshop CS6 or newer version. Contact me if you need it.

TSS - Titles, Description, Tags, Categories

It's important to fill in the video information correct without typos, misspellings and with relevant information. It can be hard to come up with something good to write. Watch this video for some useful tips.


Xvideos is a very important site, but we cannot submit clips to Xvideos until the scene is 60 or 30 days old (depending on from which network your scene is coming). This video shows how to submit to Xvideos